Sporty Seniors

Zoey Payne, Geyser Staff Writer

Lily Weimer and Danyk Jacobsen are both incredibly athletic individuals. This year, they were chosen by Health Enhancement teachers and coaches Megan Burns and Ben Hahn as the “Most Athletic” in their 2023 senior class. Although this may seem like an easy position to get, it’s not. It takes lots and lots of hard work as well as dedication. Weimer and Jacobsen are both multi-sport athletes and they have both been in the weight room since freshman year. After speaking with wrestling head coach Ben Hahn, and girls basketball head coach Megan Burns, they filled me in with some insight on why they deserved this position.

Burns stated, “Weimer is a multi-sport athlete, and she has been in Strength and Conditioning all four years of highschool.” Lily is very driven and has a strong place in her heart for each sport she plays. She has done a good job balancing her three sports which include Basketball, Fall Soccer, and Spring Soccer. “She spends numerous hours in and out of season which makes her the successful athlete she is. She is a great role model as she continues to push herself and she influences others to do the same,” said teammate Zoey Payne. Without her enthusiasm and drive, she would not be where she is today.

After speaking with Hahn, he emphasized the fact that Jacobsen has been in the weight room since he was in middle school. “He puts a lot of time into what he does, and he gets results in return”, said Hahn. Jacobsen has been involved in wrestling his whole life, and he just finished up his golfing career in the Fall of 2022. Jacobsen is a 2x state champ in wrestling, and he will continue his wrestling career at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. Jacobsen is an incredibly committed and passionate athlete. “He spends countless hours bettering himself even when no one is watching”, said wrestling teammate Tucker Shepardson. He is a go-getter and he has shown that he will do whatever it takes to achieve the goals that he has set upon himself.