Park Track Hopes for Podium Finishers


Rylan Beye, Sports Writer

Senior Carter Bartz is hoping to literally raise the bar this season as he looks to break his own state Pole Vaulting record. A windy day, however, does not help him high in the sky. Although a spring sport, the 49-degree weather felt a lot colder with the 30 mile per-hour winds blasting the team during the week of March 14th. Coach Joey Lane, taking the place of Megan Burns,  said a week prior at the spring sports meeting that “we all live in Montana; we know how the weather will behave during spring.” Coach Lane also said, “Us coaches and every athlete should be prepared for the worst.”  Weather may not be the worst of this season’s issues, however. A hot topic throughout the fall and winter seasons was the bus driver shortage. Activities Director Nate Parseghian said that this spring will be like the rest. “Even with our new travel van, it is going to be a stretch with all three spring sports.” Nick Coate, head coach of the Park Football team, will act as the strength coordinator in the weight room. “It is a really cool thing to have a coach that is exclusively in the weight room,” Coach Coate said. “People do not realize how important strength is for running. Not just for the throwers, but the runners will benefit from a low intensity lift.” Shad Durgan, Matt Shaud and Casey Bartz will return this year as assistant coaches. Coach Lane said this year’s numbers have been more than she’s ever seen. “I am hoping to have not just an individual state champion, but our team as well,” she said. Athletes like Sophomore Tyler Greiner and Senior Payton Kokot are looking to take the podium this year in their respective events.