CTE Student Arts Choice is Charlie Serafin

Charlie Serafin is this year’s CTE student of the year as voted by the teachers of the CTE department. Serafin has always strived to be the best and has done so in not just CTE but cross country as well. Hunter James, one of the CTE teachers, has mentored Serafin for the past two years in both CAD classes. This year Serafin decided to do an independent study with James to further expand his knowledge in the CTE world.

Serafin also joined the TSA group and competed in that club. He won state for TSA this year too. The effort put into this area of education is endless and Serafin has proven that repeatedly. This knowledge will follow him his whole life, setting him up for any opportunities that come his way. Serafin has worked very hard to get to where he is, he has had a whole year to do projects that helped him learn the most important parts of the CTE classes.

    Serafin has proven to be a leader as well. Helping other CTE students when they need it and learning from those experiences. It’s not easy to do what he has done. Serafin worked on a CNC machine that can make just about anything and he worked on it so that it can be fully operational for other students to use.

     He was chosen for being creative, patient, leading, and all-around a strong work ethic for something he loves to do with his time in and out of school. Serafin plans to continue to use this CTE knowledge at Gonzaga University after he graduates this June. “It took some time and lots of dedication to the subject, which I really enjoyed,” Serafin said about how he thinks he got to where he is in the subject. Charlie Serafin is the perfect choice for this department and he is glad that he got nominated by his teachers.