Should we be concerned about Chat GPT?


Aiden Alkire

English teacher Kelly Dick weighs in on the educational implications of Chat GPT.

Chat GPT is taking the schoolroom by storm. This is a recently developed artificial intelligence chatbot that has teachers scrambling to combat this issue. It can write any article with a single prompt, making school essays very easy to cheat on. But it is not as easy as advertised. “I think that whenever technology comes along that makes it convenient and easier, it’s pretty hard to resist the temptation to use it. But then after you use it for a while, I think there has to be an evaluation of has it improved the quality of my existence or not,” says Kelly Dick, Psychology and Creative Writing teacher at Park High. “We shouldn’t fear tools like chat GPT at all because they are unavoidable, and it is a small percentage of students that cheat anyway” he said. 

Dick has been teaching his students about Chat GPT and wants to help them understand that this tool can be used for good and for bad. While some students may use the AI chatbot to get out of an unwanted assignment, it is very flawed. It produces mediocre work, and is poor for anything other than informational essays. Chat GPT is also detectable as AI work, so you can fail or get in trouble for cheating. He also believes that it is unavoidable, and if people want to use it as a tool, they will do it with or without barriers in place to try and prevent them from doing it. Other teachers want to completely nullify the threat of students cheating. “I don’t know if chat GPT is my enemy or not yet, but I do know this. If I try to ignore it, if we try to block it from Park High Website, any strategy that we try to avoid without familiarizing ourselves with it, we set ourselves up for a kind of dangerous situation,” Dick said.