The Ranger cheer team is ready to start the year off strong

The Ranger cheer team is starting the year strong with two new members, bringing their squad up to 7 girls. The girls are working hard with the new members, so they can be ready to boost school spirit at not only the football games but home soccer games too. Head coach Adria Rogers and her squad aim to do just that, boost school spirit by cheering and performing more. “We want a lively student section for all sports,” Rogers stated.

On October 10, the cheerleaders held a “Pack it in Pink” event where everyone wears pink for breast cancer awareness. The cheer team did this alongside the volleyball team.

As the team continues to do events like “Pack it in Pink” their schedule keeps getting more and more packed. This season has been one of the busiest they’ve had for a while. “This year cheer is a lot stricter and we are held to a lot higher standards both as a cheer member and as a captain,” team captain Ella Wood said, “But I think that there is a healthy amount of schedule, strict and fun!”

The Park High Cheer team has never been stronger and more ready to take on the school year. Coach Rogers said, “We are excited to bring back spirit.” And they will keep doing that as they move into their winter season, for which tryouts occur this week.