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Erick Fetterhoff

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Erick Fetterhoff, right, with his wife Paige and daughters Molly and Sophia.

Erick Fetterhoff responded to the Geyser’s questions in an email with the following responses.
Tell us about yourself and your background.
Hello, my name is Erick Fetterhoff and I am running for the school board trustee position. I am 44 and have two kids in the Livingston schools. I have worked for the Montana Highway Patrol for 20 years and am currently in a leadership role as a Captain. I was born and raised in Montana and have been here in Livingston for 15 years. It is my home.
What inspired you to run for a school board position?
I see how inspiring the schools are here and want to be a part of your educational experience. I am running for school board to promote the educational opportunities for the students through a well thought out curriculum and budget.
What are you hoping to accomplish if you are elected and how will you accomplish it?
I want to accomplish bringing the teachers, administrators, and the board together so the students have the best experiences they can in each of the schools within the district. I will accomplish this by being an approachable person for all to talk to, being visible in the school and at school events and by having thoughtful, well intended, conversations with teachers, administrators, and students about their experiences in school.
What do you think is the biggest challenge we face in our schools today?
The biggest challenge we face in the school today is a teacher shortage, in both the number of teachers, and the right teacher teaching the right subject. I want teachers to be knowledgeable in the subjects they teach so students get quality education. The students’ well being needs to be addressed and as a board member, we can have a direct impact on that through the budget and building a quality curriculum.
What do you think is the role of a school board member?
The role of a board member is clearly written in the law. A board oversees a budget, adopts and enforces school policy, and oversees the role of the superintendent. To go above and beyond, a board member needs to be available to the community, be available to the students and staff, and be a leading innovative voice for the school district.
Who is an educator who impacted your life?
The educator who impacted my life the most was my grade school principal. Mr. Benke taught me the difference between right and wrong and was a voice of reason when I broke school policy. He was fair in all his decisions and made me want to be a better student in the 7th and 8th grade. His strong role model, principal, voice led me down the road to where I am today and I would thank him for it.

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