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    Sundling finds poetic calling in rhymes

    Stacy Sundling is a young, aspiring poet in Mr. Dick’s poetry class, and I had the chance to sit down and interview him recently. Sundling, a junior at Park High, finds his calling in rhyming his poems.
    “Yeah, that’s just what I enjoy to do. It’s just because it’s easier to base yourself off of,” Sundling says.
    Sundling explores this rhyming in his poem titled “I’m a poet.” For example, take the first stanza of the poem:
    I’m a poet
    Even though
    I don’t show it
    Just because I
    Wrote it doesn’t
    Mean I like to propose it
    In addition to rhyming, Sundling also used his red truck as an inspiration for one of his poems, and it worked well in a poem about red things.
    “Yeah, so it says red trucks, that’s the same color as mine, and that’s about it, like it really connected to me,” Sundling said when asked about personal images in his writing. “It’s just kind of random.”
    Many aspiring writers or poets may have trouble finding inspiration or get writer’s block, but Sundling has found a way around it. Usually, when he has trouble coming up with ideas, he just gives it time, and the poetry will come to him.
    “Give it 20 minutes, and then, I’ll do something else, and it will cross my mind, and I’ll be like ‘oh that works,’ and then I’ll go back to doing it.”
    Sundling, who will continue to work on his poetry until the end of the semester or possibly beyond into his life, has some advice for fellow aspiring poets:
    “Find something that you enjoy writing about, or a style that you enjoy, so it’s not boring.”

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