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    Reddington inspired by songs to shape poetry

    Poetry is a type of artistic writing that attempts to stir a reader’s imagination or emotion. Wyatt Reddington, a senior at Park High School, discusses his inspiration and interest in his poetry class this year.
    Poetry is a class students at Park High can take to get one of their English credits. The teacher of this class is Kelly Dick, who teaches all sorts of different English Classes, such as Creative Writing as well as many others at the high school.
    Reddington says that every week his class tends to write one original poem. At the end of each week, they do a poetry reading, which either consists of reading an original poem they wrote or finding a poem written by someone else and reading it to the whole class.
    A few poems that Wyatt wrote have had several different writing styles and inspirations for each one. “The Red House” is one of the poems that Reddington wrote for class. His assignment for this poem was to find a picture of something and write a poem about it. Reddington found a picture of a red brick house in a book he was reading and decided to write about it and make it his own.
    Another assignment Reddington had to write was using an old building that he found around Livingston. In this poem, Reddington says, “ I used my imagination to think about what had happened at the house.” Later Reddington talked about how he likes to tell a story when writing his poems instead of leaving the reader on a cliffhanger.
    In poetry class, Wyatt says that most of his poems are about how he feels. Reddington said that he uses a lot of songs to influence how he makes the poem feel when someone is reading it.
    Overall Wyatt says that he enjoys the class and likes the ability to use his imagination to make his poems unique.

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