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    Katia Logan prefers prompts for poetry

    How does a poet feel being judged? How does a poet deal with questions that may seem negative to their personal work?
    Kelly Dick’s 5th period poetry class was interviewed on the week of December 11. All participants were to read a pamphlet of four poems that each student had to write. Then the interviewees are to question each poet on their poems.
    Katia Logan wrote a few poems that did not happen to have names. The first one discussed was about a leather office chair. Through the power of poetry, she brings this inanimate object to life. Dick’s prompt of this poem was to just write a poem about an inanimate object. Katia does this and more by giving the chair a story that you can follow through the poem, thus giving it personification. Another poem was inspired by EE cummings, in which there is a fair amount of misspellings and overall improper grammar. In Katia’s poem it, at first, catches the reader off guard when not given context to the inspiration.
    When asked her opinion on Dick’s poetry class she responded with “It’s fun, there’s some fun people.”
    Most aspiring poets will encounter a block, less of a writer’s block but more a block in which said poets will not see themselves as a good poet. Or they’ll be overwhelmed about the sheer amount of people that are also trying to make it big as a poet themselves. Katia explains how she feels that she’s a good poet on some days, but only if there’s a prompt. She speaks how she struggles with writing poetry herself and can only write when she is given a prompt.

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