Does student council represent the entire student body?


Brianna Pittman leading student Council in one of there meetings.

Sydney Booth , Geyser Staff writer

Student Council is a club that all students at park high can attend. Even for one day you can come in, and state your opinion on the events that are going on at the school. I have attended student council only once, and just from that one time I can see the love in that group of students. Not many students seem to attend, but the ones that do really care about our school.I have heard over the years of being at Park High that Student Council does not represent the entire student body, and at first that’s what I thought. The only way for the entire student body to be represented is if you yourself go, and speak up. I talked to some amazing students that attend, and got a variety of opinions. 

Brianna Pittman has been going to student council meetings all four years and is also this year President. She stated, “ This year it has really grown, and I’m really excited.” She also talked about how there are a lot of new people this year, including a lot of freshmen. Teachers have been saying that Student Council has been very inclusive this year. Pittman talked about how she tries to go out, and talk to more people that can’t make it to the meetings, so she can get others opinions about the matters. Pittman loves to be involved, and wants everyone to try at least once to go to student council. 

 Izzy Petry has also been attending meetings all four years. Petry spoke about how intimidating it was starting out as a freshman and seeing all the upperclassmen who know what they are doing. Petry also was insinuating  that the people that attend seem to fall into a particular social group ,but they want that to change. Petry said that “ We want all people from all walks of life”. When I asked Petry if she thought student council represented the entire student body she replied with no.“ We don’t have a diverse group of students that come and attend, it would be so cool if we had one person from every clique to come to give everyone opinions,” Petry said. 

Student Council has been in Park high for many years. I interviewed Miya Tymofichuk the old student council adviser to see how it has changed since she was in charge of all of it. When she first started there was a big variety of students that would come to help organize things for the school, and were all very involved. 

If anyone would like to attend student council it is after school on Tuesdays in Ms Chillers room, in the D Pod. Go spread your opinions, and get your voice heard.