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In my opinion: Stylish and Stainless, these water bottles are not worth the hype

The Hype For Stanley Cups.
Stanley cups are insanely overrated. There has been a wide interest and obsession with these oversized, metal-lined water bottles. They come in many different colors and sometimes they collaborate with celebrities to create the “perfect cup.” I would say that at least 50 percent of the girls in a high school will be walking around with these cups. There are two different versions of the water bottle. It either has a handle and a straw or it has no handle and a flip up straw.
Why do I think these “holy grail” water bottles are overrated? First off, my Stanley cup leaks all over even when it is sitting on a table standing straight up (this becomes very frustrating while sitting in class). Another reason these water bottles are getting too much hype is the price. The price of these inefficient water bottles is around $40 each. You could buy a Hydro Flask for only $30, they don’t leak, they keep your drink cold, and it is durable.
I would give the credit to Tik Tok influencers for making these water bottles so popular. There is an uprising in consumer intake of cheaply made products that are getting priced high. Social media has glorified the idea to purchase many things that you don’t need. This influences little kids to have a mindset of “ I want.” These little kids are going to become affected long-term by becoming addicted consumers as they grow. This can also be related to the high demand in beauty products because little girls are so strongly influenced. There are probably many PHS students that have younger siblings who are influenced by things they see online. These influencers also are influencing kids to buy multiple colors of these water bottles.
There is another version of these water bottles called “Hydrapeak.” This brand creates the same look and it doesn’t leak all over. You can find these water bottles on Amazon for only $20. There are also downfalls in our society when you get a “knockoff” version of trendy things. There have been cases where kids get made fun of for not having the “real” version of the product. I would say this happens more in middle school-aged kids than in high school. The whole over consumerism factor in our society is making people feel bad for what they don’t have.
In conclusion, these water bottles are way overpriced for their performance, and you could even say they are bringing downfall to our society as a whole. In the future this could also become a problem for our earth. All of the products get purchased, then thrown out because there is something new and “cooler”. We as a society are failing the adults-to-be.

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