No outside containers

Angel Sherdahl

November 7, 2018

As many students know, there were some new rules established here at PHS, but are they all fair? I conducted a survey of 60 students, from all grades, to get their opinion based on one new rule in particular, no outside containers...

Bullying: What can be done?

Jamison Geyer, Geyser Staff Writer

November 7, 2018

It's all around us. It’s an illness, it's anarchy. It's genocide. It's one of the biggest problems in the entire world. People are often first exposed to it in schools. It can be a mean comment on your favorite shirt you...

Study Hall is the key to success

Megan Hamlett Sarrazin, Geyser staff writer

November 7, 2018

Everyone goes into senior year thinking one of two things: either this is going to suck or it’s going to be a breeze. However, all of them just want to be out of high school. The start of my senior year I came into it saying...