Some advice on life when things get tough

Kara Allen, Geyser Staff Writer

Let me start by saying whatever you are feeling, it is perfectly normal. If you feel like COVID-19 did not really impact you, or if you feel like COVID-19 destroyed your life, it is normal. Life is really hard right now, especially for teenagers.

Personally, COVID ruined a lot of things for me. It prevented me from going to Germany both my sophomore and senior year of high school, something I was looking forward to for a long time. It also contributed to a lot of mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

However, much like everything else, there is a silver lining, even if I did not see it up until recently. It allowed my mom to get a job she loves and it also led to me becoming more independent. Spending my days at home doing homework during the pandemic helped promote an attitude of getting things done.

Although my mental health suffered over time, I know now that it only serves to make me stronger as a person so I can help others go through the same things in the future. Sure, they certainly do not make life easy. However, like Iain Thomas said “Every time it rains, it stops raining. Every time you hurt, you heal. After darkness, there is always light and you get reminded of this every morning but you still choose to believe the night will last forever. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good or the bad.”

On the topic of depression, let yourself feel it. Let yourself feel all the hurt without trying to feel shameful of it. Just because you do not feel your best does not make you weak. It does not make you any less deserving of love. Take some time for yourself and prioritize your own happiness.

Coming from a teenager, life is really, really hard right now. Individually, I have been through a lot in the past six months. I experienced the
death of a loved one and was in a horrible car accident in the same month. Needless to say, I have experienced and continue to experience a lot of
hard things, and I am sure you are too. Let me promise you something. It gets easier and I know that is what literally everyone says, but I promise
it does. Even if it does not seem like it right now, it gets easier. You can not have a rainbow without a little rain. Take care of yourself. And get some sleep, okay?