Staff and students voice opinions on lunch policy

Jessica Gubler, Yearbook student life editor

Last year many students including me enjoyed eating in the pods for lunch. This was a space to have lunch with your friends outside of the cafeteria. Unfortunately halfway through the year it became a problem because many students would leave a mess after eating. 

Head Custodian Deb Miller said she did not enjoy students eating lunch in the pods because of the resulting mess. “They would leave messes and spill things all over,” says Miller. The students miss not being able to eat lunch in the pods. “I believe all students should receive a second chance and in the pods should be cleaning supplies like there was last year. If students cannot obtain these responsibilities then go back to no lunch in the pods.” Says senior Paige Makris. I agree with Makris but there are supplies in the pods which the students choose not to use.

Senior Aubrielle Grandpre feels “The cafeteria is too crowded and noisy now that we don’t have access to the pods at lunch and I enjoyed having lunch in the pods with my friends and even held them accountable for their trash.” There was a general consensus between the students and they would like another chance to prove they can clean up after themselves. Deb replied “I don’t think we have been in school long enough to give them a second chance, I think they need one more month to prove themselves.” Some students believe that upperclassmen should only be able to eat in the pods until the freshman have learned the correct ways to eat in the pods. I don’t think that would work because teachers and staff would have to monitor the pods making sure no freshmen were eating lunch in the pods.

 History teacher Bryan Beitel agrees that students were leaving a mess behind and he says he would be fine with it if they cleaned up after themselves. Noise was not a problem for Beitel because he closed his door. He believes if students pick up after themselves then they should get another chance.

 Junior Addyson Norquist says she does not think we should be able to eat in the pods because we are limited on staff. Addyson feels bad for the janitors because there is already so much work to be done and not enough staff to help. The goal for the next couple months is to earn back the privilege of eating in the pods. 

Lunch in pod (Wyatt Reddington)