NHS brings back Homework Club

KaeLeigh Raihl

  What is Homework Club? Homework Club is organized by Spanish teacher Keaton Ramm and her National Honor Society students. It’s a resource to get extra work done at the end of the day. One on one tutoring with NHS students is available as well. Ramm has a variety of different snacks to ensure you’re taken care of and ready to work.  

“Homework Club can be used in diverse ways.” It provides physical resources like computers and everything you might need to finish assignments. “It’s a great space for people to come work on their homework and other missing assignments. It’s a great space where people can work on things as a group, and access the benefit of a team.” There will be study groups for specific classes, and a collection of notes to help students with assignments/tests. “Students can ask questions to their peers, and our NHS tutors, getting guidance and feedback. It’s here as a resource so students can get the most out of their homework and take less of it home.” says Keaton Ramm.

Homework club is hosted Monday through Thursday afterschool until 4:45pm in the library, d-pod, or Ramm’s classroom. In the 15-minute timeframe between when school ends and Homework Club starts, students can check in with teachers and look over canvas to plan work ahead.  

There will also be a calendar outside of the library, so that students and teachers can actively update their upcoming assignments. One important point is that students don’t have to be struggling to attend Homework Club. It’s a helpful resource that can fuel interests and it’s a cool place to hang out. 

The Homework Club sign by the library is meant to let students know where Homework Club will be that day.