My experience at the border


Alan Levine

A photo of the border crossing at Lukeville, Arizona, where Chase Petrulis crossed into Mexico for spring break.

You hear all the horror stories of people crossing the border but my trip across was relatively tame. We got across fine minus one apple and a close call on the ham sandwiches.

The car checks at the border do seem to be relatively biased based off of how likely you look to be smuggling something across. My five-member white family obviously was not very suspicious and we only got asked about whether or not we had bags of fruit. When we said we had one apple they took it from us and left us with a goodbye.

At the border, there were about as many cameras as there were angry old folks on the plane to Montana. They are even cameras looking at other cameras. And then directly after the border, there’s a good two hours until the next bathroom.

The border crossing I was at may not have been the most hardcore and maybe it’s not that tough in general and it might be being blown out of proportion. But as far as security goes down there it would be very difficult to cross anywhere near that checkpoint.