Yoga and Mindfulness comes to Park high


Chase Petrulis

Kenyon Jones, Caden Johansen and River Nichols center themselves in the first Wednesday yoga and mindfulness class, in the library.

Chase Petrulis, web editor

On a daily basis, Park High students deal with some rather decent stress in their lives, whatever that may be. But recently Holly Sienkiewicz, School Nurse, has decided to help in a healthy manner.

Holly wants to bring one of her healthy habits to the student body. The yoga and mindfulness class runs from 3:45 to 4:45 on Wednesdays and is a great way for students to get into the habit of using yoga as a healthy coping method as compared to some of the student’s rather unhealthy coping methods.

Livingston Education Foundation awarded a grant for $1,000 dollars in order to purchase the necessary materials to run the class, including blocks, yoga mats, and blankets. These allow a more comfortable experience for the 20 students taking the class.

This group of students is diverse in ages, grades, and genders. Many of these students have not tried much yoga but are eager to learn.

Amy Titgemeier Stevens is the volunteer teacher for the class. She has volunteered for the first session that runs six weeks in total. There is the plan to have three sessions a year for any interested students to be able to join if they miss a session.

The first class focused on learning some basic yoga moves and also some “belly breaths” which enable better energy to flow up and down the spine. Amy asked that the student use this breath in their daily lives. After a few poses and stretches, the students lay down and had essential oils placed in the palm of their hands, to help prevent colds.

The class has a very relaxed atmosphere and is a good choice for anyone with a free Wednesday and stress in their lives. So, if you decide to join yoga during the next session feel free to give it a try.