Buddy’s Column #3: The Madness

 (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Getty Images

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Buddy Murphy, Senior Sports Editor

It’s that time of the year again. Hiding your earbuds under your hair. Tucking your phone between your legs and pretending you’re reading a paper, all for the sake of watching March Madness. You sit on your laptop, looking at teams’ records, wins and losses, opponents, stats and every other thing you could think of. You fill out that PERFECT bracket with the indisputable champion winning the championship by four points. Next, you sit down, watch the final four and get absolutely HYPED for the rest of the tournament. The next day you sit down to watch the first round, only to see your PERFECT bracket go up in flames because your number three seed you had winning it all gets absolutely slapped by a fourteen seed.

Every year you have the mindset of “I’m going to win this thing.” But the thing is is that you can’t really “win.” The odds of you having a perfect bracket is in the millions, maybe even the billions. For all I know, it may be in the trillions. Good luck champ.

Duke! Zion! RJ! Coach K! Zion! Zion! That Cam Reddish guy! Zion! Did I mention Zion? Going into this tournament, Duke was a HEAVY favorite with the Canadian Killer, Tyus Jones’ little brother, some guy named Cam and an ABSOLUTE MOUNTAIN of a man, Zion freaking Williamson. If you haven’t heard of this Zion guy, you’re either my 70-year-old grandmother, or you’re living under a rock. A big, heavy, immovable rock. How did you get out to read this? ANYWAYS, at this time, the final four is set.

Michigan State, Virginia, Texas Tech and the Auburn Tigers. The Michigan State Spartans have to be absolutely rock solid during the entire tournament. They have won every game by double digits besides their most recent game. I mean, no big deal, but they only took down the heavily favored champion Duke with Mount Zion and the Canadian Killer. They only won by one point, but nonetheless it’s one heck of a win. They are set to play the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

The Red Raiders have prided themselves on defense all year. They have kept all opponents under 60 points in the tournament besides the number one seed Gonzaga. Let’s be honest here, every year Gonzaga pulls a one seed. When was the last time the Zags won the chipper? Right. Besides last year, when was the last time they reached the championship? *Rolls eyes* ANYWAYS, the Spartans will be tested against the defensive minded Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

On the other side of the bracket, the Virginia Cavaliers will face the Auburn Tigers. The Cavaliers are another team that have prided themselves on defense all year. They lost out in the semi finals of the ACC tournament to Florida State. Besides the ACC tournament, the Cavaliers have been rock solid all season, winning 33 games this season.

On the other side of the bracket, the Auburn Tigers come in off of a VERY hot offensive streak. The Tigers slapped the Tennessee Volunteers in SEC championship game by sinking 15 threes in the game. The Tigers mauled the Voles 84-64. In the NCAA tournament, the Tigers haven’t scored less than 70 points in a single game. In the Sweet 16, the Tigers dropped a mad 97 points against the number one seed, UNC. The Cavaliers will look to cool off the red hot Tigers on April 6th in their Final Four game.

Anyways, my bracket is busted, your bracket is busted. I’m excited to see these final four games. From the tendencies of the teams so far, these games will probably be a game of defensive stops. As Nick Young, aka Swaggy P tweeted, “Boring as final four nobody wanna see all defense schools.” If low scoring slug fests are your thing, boy you’re in for a treat.