“Why is this a thing?”

“Why is this a thing?”

Dana Baskett, Geyser Staff Writer

Why would you allow reviews on a place people are required to be? For businesses, that rating is crucial, so owners will often respond to these to try and make amends with the upset customer. For a school, this is harder.

Students don’t often name specific teachers or specific events because they must be there every day. Too many things happen every day to get exact with it, so students leave vague responses that get even more vague results.

There are ways to have your voice heard that are more effective and let people who can do something know. My advice would be to avoid Google as an outlet for voicing your opinion. It’s not going to solve the problem, and it’s a weak way to make an impact. Have the courage to meet with someone from the administration and approach them in a respectful manner; you’ll get better results.

In addition, this 1.8 rating is a poor reflection of a school and staff that try really hard to help students. Even some of the very negative reviews acknowledge that there are teachers who put a lot into their students to help them. Most students don’t have a comparison to realize what they might have at Park High.

This also has a direct effect on a new student’s willingness to come to the school which is a problem when trying to get new students to give our school a chance. The final questions are what do we do about this? And why does Google have this interface? Some schools have taken up a fight with Google’s invasion of this technology as well, but it is unsure if these will go anywhere.