And now, a moment for socks.

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For many people socks are just another puzzle piece in getting ready in the morning. But for a small few, it can be considered a crucial part of an outfit.

After posting an anonymous survey, 41.67% of responders said that they considered socks as a piece in their daily outfit more than half the time. Socks may not be the most expensive part of an outfit, but I am a true believer that the small things count, which includes fuzzy, colorful, and statement socks.

The majority of the people that responded to the survey stated that they only shopped for socks every so often, that being every three to six months. Personally, I shop for socks very frequently, around every two to three weeks. Picking a new pair off of Obsidian’s infamous sock wall.

People like Megan Sarrazin, Lily DeYoung, and Dana Baskett are all people who wear socks proudly and as a statement. Whether that statement is Blue Q socks, Scooby Doo, or an array of others, socks are truly a type of fashion wear and should be worn just as proudly as any other type of clothing.