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Study Hall is the key to success

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Everyone goes into senior year thinking one of two things: either this is going to suck or it’s going to be a breeze. However, all of them just want to be out of high school.

The start of my senior year I came into it saying that it was going to be so easy, and guess what, it is so far. I only really have four classes a day. Well, I go to five periods, but one of them is an office aide. But I had to do most of my credits in years prior. Even though my freshman through junior year were still stressful, I got through them quite easily, and I’m not going to lie. I think that’s mostly because I’ve had a study hall every year, so in my perspective, study hall is one of the most important classes a student can take.

I think study hall is very important because it is a time for students to do their homework for other classes, and for some who don’t have homework, it’s a time to decompress. A lot of the time my sophomore and freshman year, that is what I used study hall for because honestly those were confusing years and just sitting in study hall coloring or reading a book everyday was calming for me, and it made my day more bearable. My junior year was only different because I had Bausch and always had to finish my vocab words or study.

Some people think that study hall should be used for only studying or doing homework: yes, they do let the occasional “I don’t have any” slide past, but if a student is constantly doing that, some people get fed up. I understand that if a kid is behind all the time, but for a lot of students, that’s not the case. Yet we still get ridiculed for reading our book or coloring to decompress for our school stress.

In my honest opinion, I believe that everyone should have a study hall every year of high school

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Study Hall is the key to success