This year’s first art show


Photo by Jamison Geyer

Display cases showing the art pieces that made it into the first art show.


Park High’s first student art show took place on October 15. This art show incorporated many different styles of art pieces that were completed by a few photography, drawing classes, painting, and pottery class, and a handful of
independent study students.

The teachers of these classes, Lois Huntzicker and Raeann Nilan, are the main people that set up the art show. Lois Huntzicker has created a very positive environment by having her students fill out at least two comment forms of pieces the students like. Huntzicker says that these forms help encourage our artists by building their self confidence in their art work.

Nilan and Huntzicker both believe the purpose of the art show is to show parents and other people who don’t attend Park High a presentation of what our students are working on, and the quality that our students are capable of. There is one art show every quarter with specific dates coordinated with band and choir concerts. The next art show is scheduled to take place on Dec. 10.