Student Council Elections

Lily De Young

Its that time again for our student body to choose the fate of Park High for the coming year… that’s right! Its Student Council elections! High school students can run for and be voted on by the student body for Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. A Vice President’s responsibility is to sit in and observe the president for one year but will automatically become the president the year after the current pres graduates. This means to run for VP you must be a Junior. Treasurers and Secretaries on the other hand are positions available to any grade. A treasurer deals with the money matters of SC such as budgeting for dances. A secretary’s responsibility is to take notes each meeting for future references.

Just because the elections are for student council doesn’t mean you can’t run if you’re not a member. Though having some experience in this type of environment is helpful, if you feel passionately about running for a position you still can! Meet with Ms. Tennant  before November 9th so you can be in the running! As always, StudCo is in need of more members (especially freshman!) so feel free to stop on by any Tuesday right after school in D4. Everyone is welcome, and don’t forget to vote!