Bullying: What can be done?

Jamison Geyer, Geyser Staff Writer

It’s all around us. It’s an illness, it’s anarchy. It’s genocide.

It’s one of the biggest problems in the entire world. People are often first exposed to it in schools. It can be a mean comment on your favorite shirt you got at Walmart for half off, or a beating in the back alley of the playground. What is it I talk of, you ask? It’s one of the worst things in the world. Bullying!

It happens too often, and most people experience it. The cruelty of people really comes out through bullying. There’s a high chance that most kids in school eventually gets bullied, some more severely than others. Usually when people bully others, it’s because their lives are not great. They may be in an abusive relationship with their parents, siblings or friends. It could be that they are poor, or they’re not smart, or grades are bad.

Bullies are not born but created. It does not give them the right to hurt others because of their personal affairs. The people who get bullied have the most hurt in the situations.

People don’t realize this, but words can do two things. They can bring people up, or they can bring death and destruction to the person.

It could be something as simple as a joke. People don’t realize that sometimes others joke around and call names. It in some cases, it hurts more and has a bigger effect. When a mean person who’s known for mean actions calls you a dummy, it’s easier to let go because you know that person is rude. When it is your best friend whom you care for and tell your deepest stuff to,  and this person calls you a dummy, it hurts more because this person has a bigger influence on you. They could be joking but still it hurts, and you don’t want to say anything because this is your friend.

This kind of “joking” happens more than the obvious bullying. This, my friends, is the biggest problem. We must be kind to one another. Even if you’re joking, make sure they know that.

I will promise you this: bullying does not stop in high school. It will happen your whole life. It will happen in college, at work, on the streets, even in the greatest of places.

The Taliban in Afghanistan are right now bullying innocent people by killing the men, abusing the women and enslaving the children. It sucks because bullying will happen throughout your whole life, no matter where you are.

But there is something you can do about it. You can stand up to the bullies. If they are going to hurt others you can stand in their way. Helping people who suffer brings a sense of hope.

If you help those who are bullied, you may be saving their lives. Just keep in mind the next time you press send, imagine you are staring at the person in the eyes and saying what you wrote. If you see someone who is hurt, help them. Sit by them at lunch. Say hi to them in the hallways.

Be their friend. Love is what saves lives.