Literacy Grant

Lydia Colmey

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The Literacy Grant is an important topic and how it affects us as students. This grant is a big deal in our school system, as many teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals in Livingston are impacted by it. This grant will last for three years and the grant money received over three years is 1.3 million dollars. We received the grant to help increase literacy achievement in our schools.

SGMS teacher Debra Tedstrom helped write the grant and is one of the people in charge because she has many years of experience with reading instruction as well as technology. With this grant, they have done many things, including bringing a national consultant to help work with teachers.

William VanCleve is the national consultant from Louisville, Kentucky. His specialties are morphology, vocabulary, and writing. Morphology is the study of words and how they are formed. When you learn root words prefixes, and suffixes, you are learning Morphology of are language. VanCleve will visit Park High almost every month because of the grant we have for three-year period. You may seem him in one of your classes or walking down the hall. He will provide professional development for the teachers.

This grant will include a peer coaching model. Teachers will work together to learn new techniques and strategies to help students. Students will benefit from the grant in many ways by reading, writing and building a great future.

The Livingston District is very fortunate to have been awarded this grant and it is the hope of those teachers, principals and consultants that the students in Livingston now and for years to come will benefit by receiving an education which assist them in creating a great future for themselves and their families. This grant will not just help with the learning of the students and teachers, it will help the school and benefit the community.