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Ten seniors share their post-graduation plans

Senior Cole Bartz beams on signing day as he commits to Rocky Mountain College

With only two months left of school before the June 2 graduation ceremony, Park High’s seniors have started looking to the future and all they want to accomplish. Some plan on attending college for the sciences, and others for sports, a liberal arts education, or art. Many are going into a trade, or taking a year to travel far away. Some are going abroad, others east or west, many will remain in the state, and one will take to the skies. Here are ten seniors and what they are doing after graduation:
Senior Remy Sexton says “I am going to Middlebury College to study conservation biology. I’m hoping to be on the ski team. I might work on a kelp farm next semester, taking a gap semester. I applied to several, both coasts and one in Australia, so we’ll see.”
Senior Cole Bartz plans to “go to Rocky to play football and either become an athletic trainer or a physical therapist.”
Senior Estelle Fenoglio will “go to U of M in Missoula. I don’t even know what I’m studying yet, I still have to figure it out. Go Griz! All I know is I’m going to Missoula!”
Senior Haley Tuccillo is “going to Montana Tech to try to get into the Rad Tech program. Radio Technology.”
Senior James Melin plans “to take a gap year to get residency in Arizona so I don’t have to pay the out-of-state tuition at the University of Arizona. After that gap year, I plan to attend the University of Arizona. Currently, I want to study film and sociology.”
Senior Bridger Braham is “going to college. I’m not really sure yet, I am still deciding. There is one in Florida, it’s a small liberal arts school called Rollins. There is a couple in the northeast like Gettysburg College. I think I am going to try to get my MBA, a business degree.”
Senior Isaac Hauser says he is “going to MSU for… I don’t know what yet. I just don’t have any idea of what I want to do for the rest of my life as a career. That’s a big choice to make, so I am just going there for general studies for now and then I am going to try to make a decision by the end of the first year.”
Senior Kyan Meservery wants to “go to Gallatin County Aviation Program to fly! My goal is to earn my commercial pilot’s license and then get a job and work my way to United Airlines.”
Senior Veronica Glenn says “I am going to Boise State to study biology. I’m not sure what I want to do with biology yet. I figure I have four more years to figure that out.”
Junior Lefteris Gasparakis, who is graduating a year early, is going to “college at UCD, University College Dublin, with Anna, my sister. I plan to go into mechanical engineering with a specialization in chemistry or something like that.”
As graduation approaches, the anticipation for what lies beyond the school’s walls grows among its 113 seniors. Each individual, with their unique dreams and aspirations, is poised to embark on a journey of growth. From pursuing higher education in fields ranging from conservation biology to mechanical engineering, to venturing into trades and aviation, each path reflects the diversity of the graduating class. Whether it’s joining prestigious universities, dedicating themselves to sports, arts, or sciences, or simply taking time to explore and discover, these seniors exemplify the spirit of curiosity and determination. As they grow ready to step into the wider world, one thing is certain: the graduating class of Park High is primed to make their mark, each forging their own unique path towards success.

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