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Ski Pass Blues: A Teacher’s Winter Dilemma

A young Bryan Beitel on the ski hill, back in the day.
A young Bryan Beitel on the ski hill, back in the day.

Social Studies teacher Bryan Beitel sighed, recalling his ski pass troubles for the year. “I’ve been a season pass holder for years,” he began, “but last year I opted for the locals pass to save some money.” His voice trailed off as he recounted the blackout dates that restricted his skiing over the Christmas break and several weekends. Frustrated by the limitations, he decided to try the midweek pass this season, hoping to utilize days off from his job as a Park High teacher.
However, Mother Nature had other plans. Beitel lamented the terrible conditions throughout the season, with snowfall scarce even during the anticipated Christmas break. “I’ve only been up there three times this entire season,” he confessed. “And each time, it felt like half a day wasted.”
Despite the disappointment, Beitel tried to salvage the season, hoping for better conditions during spring break. But as he reflected on the past months, he couldn’t help but express his dismay. “It’s been a disappointing ski year all around,” he admitted.
As my interview wrapped up, Beitel offered some advice to fellow teachers considering ski passes. “Don’t get the midweek pass if your job mainly falls on weekdays,” he advised. And with a grin, he added, “Go Jets,” a nod to his team loyalty amidst the ski season letdown.
Leaving the interview, Beitel couldn’t help but ponder his options for next year. Perhaps it was time to return to the locals pass, despite the extra cost, to ensure more flexibility in his skiing schedule. And as he glanced out the window, he couldn’t help but hope for better snowfall and brighter days on the slopes in the seasons to come.

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