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Aviation is a vast world, full of different career paths. In today’s world, pilots are rare and airlines are suffering over this shortage. Airlines are creating pilot programs like United Aviate for United Airlines, and others partnered up with independent flight schools. According to CNBC News, airlines have hired more pilots this year than in any year since 1990, and the need for more pilots is expected to grow in the years ahead to as many as 18,000 new hires annually. There are lots of different ways to become pilots and a future in aviation is definitely possible.
A number of Park High students are considering Aviation as a future career, more particularly in flying. Senior Fiona Alverson has had the idea of flying for a living for quite some time. She would be interested in becoming a Pilot through airline affiliated programs like the United Aviate Academy or Alaska Horizon air program through partner flight schools like ATP for example. These programs are considered fast track to the airline industry and allow their students – while in training – to sign a contract with the airline associated with the program. Fiona would like to work at some point for United Airlines. She is also considering starting her Private pilots license to kickstart her aviation career.
On the other hand, sophomore Noah Craig is wanting to start his flight training over the summer. He is looking forward to flying with an accredited college with a part 141 flying program. He is considering this way to acquire the R-ATP (Restricted Airline Transport Pilot) to work in the future for Delta Airlines. Craig mentioned that Delta has “very good benefits and great pay” which he enjoys and looks forward to. He also stated that Boeing aircrafts are his favorite.
The Airlines might be the only path when we think of a career in aviation but there are other options. Junior Faith Todd, for example, wants to become a corporate or freight pilot in the Wild West by either staying in Montana or moving to our southern neighbors, Wyoming. Todd is currently working on the ground portion of the FAA Private Pilot Licence with the Kings Ground school online course. She is looking to start flying with Summit Aviation in Bozeman this summer to earn the flying portion of the Private Pilot License. She plans to graduate early her senior year to find a job and build flying time. Faith mentioned that she was “Never super interested in flying for the airlines” The reasons why she wants to become a corporate or freight pilot are the good wages, and the fact that she would like to stay around a small community of people. She said that she wants to “Know who I’m flying with”.
Former Park High students were also interested in pursuing an aviation career. Mitchel Hawkes, a first generation pilot who graduated from PHS last year, started his pilot program search by looking for flight schools with an airline program. He came across a school in Broomfield, CO called McAir partnered with Allegiant Airlines. It allows students to get training in around 13 months and get a job opportunity with the airline after completing an interview. He also liked the fact that they gave him a quote on the price of training. For instance, upon completion of the program and interview with the airline, Allegiant will pay back up to $50,000 on student loans after working for Allegiant for 3+ years.

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