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Senior finds success in archery club and places first at state

Senior Lyle McCormick is an avid bowhunter and placed first in the state archery competition in his age group, and fourth overall.

With a simple release of the bowstring, the arrow goes flying straight across the air until the arrow head hits the center target. Lyle McCormick, senior at Park High, has taken part in the newly formed Archery Club. Like a few others in the club, McCormick has a background in archery.
He started doing archery when he was quite young as he said “I don’t remember when I started doing it all, I just always remember doing it.” He is more comfortable with a different style of archery than is provided here at Park High though. At Park High they use NASP bows which is a type of compound bow that is similar to Lyle’s yet different.
The bows at Park High are less complex than the bow used by Lyle. His tends to be more precise and almost easier for his use. But the club and the “new” bows combined help improve the skill level any archer needs to have a bigger chance at hitting the target.
Watching McCormick shoot reveals that he is in his element. He’s comfortable with the bow in hand, his posture quite perfect, and his breath is steady enough to make aim. The calming vibe projecting from him as he readies himself to make the shot is quite intriguing to watch.
Like watching a scene in a movie, time feels like it slows and you can feel the emotions in the air. Even though Lyle seems quite professional when it comes to being an archer, he recognizes a few “bad habits” he has that could be improved over time. “Bad habits I have that I have to get over are like most…moving the bow too soon after I take a shot…hammering the release,” he said. These are simple and small issues that could be easily fixed and sometimes just as easily ignored. Coach Hahn, on the other hand, believes McCormick “takes to it… takes the club very seriously… and is very dedicated to archery itself,” the club adviser said.
McCormick thinks that the club overall is a fun addition to the school. He said he “really enjoys the club because it helps me improve even more… and it’s something I can do outside of school while still partaking in something at school.” He also thinks that is good to have as a school club because it “gets the word out about archery… as a non-popular sport…but found interesting by many.”
Lyle McCormick lets the release go on the arrow as he lets out a deep exhale. And with the blink of an eye, the arrow head hits the target.

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