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Rangers Return the Lion’s Roar

Michael Kokot
The Park High boys C Squad team photo

8th grader Brody Leininger threw the ball inbounds and led his defender into a screen set by freshman Jason Strupp. The ball was passed back, and Brody drained another three-pointer. This basket contributed to Leininger’s 13 points in the home game against the Lockwood Lions in the Sleeping Giant Middle School, Friday, Feb. 10.
Although the “floor is slippery, and the middle school isn’t fun to play in,” says freshman Carter Sestrich, this team of freshman and eighth graders played hard against the Lockwood Lions.
After their last matchup in Lockwood got cut short, due to a leak in the ceiling, the team was hungry for a fight. They didn’t do as well as they’d hoped, so when the Lions came to their home court, the Rangers showed them a fight. In the first quarter, the Rangers kept with the Lions, holding them to a two point game. The Lions were able to stretch the lead a little, come half time, but the Rangers were still in the game.
After half, the crowd could see the Rangers were ready to rumble, and that’s just what they did. freshman Caen Klipp, steals the ball from the Lions, and passes it down the court to Leininger. Brody takes the shot and is fouled, Leininger ends up sinking one of his two throws, his only missed free throw of the game.
As the Lions stretch their lead a little, the Rangers buckle down and run a tried and true play. freshman Wayde Lee, number one, is the designated shooter in the play, and he passes the ball in bounds. Screens happen, and the ball is swung around the three-point line. Lee’s teammate sets a screen for him under the basket, and Lee pops a quick three-pointer.
Although the energy was high, the Rangers fell behind in the fourth quarter. In an attempt to get the ball back, they began to foul, committing six fouls in the last minute of the game. This sealed the Rangers’ fate, as Lockwood scored five more points from fouls,ending the game 34-46, Lockwood.
Despite losing the game, the Rangers are proud of their performance. They’ve come a long way since their previous game in Lockwood and are focused on their successes. “Lockwood has good shooters and players, but we were able to run a good offense, limit team turnovers, and deny the Lions easy buckets,” said Sestrich.
The Rangers closed their season out with a game against the Butte Central Maroons, Feb. 16 at Park High School.

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