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Underclassman drivers take on the streets


Imagine the thrill of turning the keys in the ignition for the first time; for many sophomores, this thrill is becoming a reality.

Sophomore Ben Cipriani shows off his truck in the school parking lot. Fifteen-year-olds like Cipriani can get their license after six months of supervised
driving. (Bridger Braham)

Sophomores at Park High and even some freshmen have recently learned the independence that comes with getting your license.

Among these sophomores is Kamryn Miller, a Park High student who has had her permit for around five months now.

Miller says she feels “wild and free” when asked about what it feels like to finally be able to drive.

From the challenges of passing the permit test to the joy of ultimate freedom, this piece will dig into the experiences of Park High sophomores and their journey to become licensed drivers.

However, in order to get your license there are a series of steps that someone must follow.

First of all you will need to get your permit, which most people say was the most difficult part of the process. Once you pass your permit test, then that student has to drive with a parent in the car for the first six months. During those six months a student will need a total of 50 hours of driving with 10 of them being night hours.

After you reach this goal a student then will take their drivers test. If you pass this then you have your official license.

The first six months of your license you can only have one non-family member in the car with you, the second six months up to three non-family members can be in the car with you. Driving after 11:00 pm requires parent permission.

Finally after having your license for a year the restrictions are lifted and you now only have to listen to your parents’ rules.

Going through this rigorous process might seem daunting to many, yet for these Park High sophomores, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. The sense of freedom that comes with a driver’s license is a game-changer.

Most students at Park High have said that gaining the ability to drive gives them a sense of freedom that most have never felt before. Sophomore Abbey Watts says that once she gets her license she will be driving around a Jeep. Driving she says is “Awesome Sauce” and she can’t wait to get the real thing.

Many different experiences come with getting your license at any age, with some being hilarious once you look back on them. Miller tells a story about when she first got her license. She says that one time her Border collie Aussie mix, Cynder fell out of the car after she rolled the window down by herself.

Peter Currie, who is also a sophomore at Park High, says “I enjoy driving. There’s some freedom to it but also lots of responsibility.” Driving is a whole new level of independence.

With many new drivers getting on the road, the high school parking lot will be filling up fast. It might be a great time to invest in some orange cones and reflective vests. After the dust settles, the cones are picked up, and the newly minted drivers navigate their way out of the parking lot. One thing is clear:

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