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New phase of Marvel movies relies on Disney Plus limited series too much

The film “The Marvels” is a movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that came out on Nov. 10. It is part of “phase five” of Marvel movies and television shows. It follows a superhero, Captain Marvel, an astronaut, Monica Rambeau, and a high school student, Ms. Marvel, who all have “light” based powers. They unite to fight against one evil person. 

It seems that Marvel is trying really hard to get female heroes that people can relate to, but they make them all way too powerful, almost to the point of them being perfect. From the start of the movie, they show that every character knows how to use their power and how to fight well trained soldiers, even without using their powers. Captain Marvel would know how to fight and control her powers seeing that she was a soldier at one point; however, it doesn’t really work well with the other two. 

How Captain Marvel got her powers was explained in the first “Captain Marvel” movie, but how Ms. Marvel and Captain Rambeau got their powers was a bit more obscure. I’m not a fan of how Marvel is doing a lot of limited series on Disney Plus. Two different series on it show how the others got their powers. If you haven’t watched the shows, you would have no idea so it all seems like kind of a cash grab for Disney. 

I do, however, like the cast with Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury from their previous films. The movie was also pretty funny with some good jokes sprinkled throughout, also, being a Marvel movie, had really good action and fighting scenes. All of the scenery looked cool and realistic, it looked almost like a place you could visit. Overall, “The Marvels” was a good movie, but I will have to rate it a six out of ten. 

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