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Park High School students share their favorite winter pastimes

With the arrival of winter comes a new array of snowy activities
Lily Minnick takes a selfie on a ski lift at Bridger Bowl. (Lily Minnick)

As the snow starts to fly, it’s clear that summer and fall have officially come to an end, but the good news is that it’s time to transition to wintertime activities. The barren winter landscape may seem uneventful, but there are many creative ways to get outdoors and have fun in the snow or entertaining things to do to pass the time while staying cozy indoors. If you are looking for some suggestions, below are a few students favorite winter past times. 

Lily Minnick, a junior at Park High school, explains that her favorite wintertime activity is either skiing or ice skating. She enjoys being out in the cold during winter and both of these activities are outdoors. 

Park High sophomore, Peter Curry, says one of his favorite pastimes in the winter is building a quinze, which is a type of snow shelter. Curie explains “I love making things with my hands like forts, and it’s the closest thing you can get in the winter.” 

Jon Durgan, a junior, replies that his favorite thing to do in the winter is watch Christmas movies and eat the seasonal, limited-time foods because “you only get to do it once a year.” Durgan also enjoys playing basketball during winter. 

Another student at Park High, Maddie Wise, says her favorite thing to do during the winter is go hunting. She remarks that she doesn’t do any winter sports, so she has plenty of free time for winter hunting trips. 

In contrast, Analeece Frederickson prefers to stay indoors during the winter. Her favorite activity is, “reading inside away from the snow.” She enjoys the thrill of sledding and skiing, but with a recently injured hip, she plans on spending a lot of wintertime reading instead. 

Whether you have whole weekends or just a couple hours to spend, there are numerous winter activities to stay entertained. And even if you have extenuating circumstances like sports or injuries, you can still find something fun to do to pass the time until summer arrives again. 

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