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Yellowstone Street: The Ultimate Halloween Destination for Trick-or-Treating in Livingston

Margo Munson
Yellowstone street is Livingston’s most popular trick-or-treating destination on Halloween.

Any long-term resident of Livingston knows that when Halloween comes to town, the best street to send the kids for trick-or-treating is Yellowstone Street. Every year the downtown street is covered with spooky and festive decorations that show everyone that this is the spot they should go to get candy on October 31st.

Yellowstone has been the main street to go get candy on Halloween for decades. A handful of the students at Park High have fond memories of masquerading around the houses in their costumes to get candy from locals. They say that they either go to the street for the tradition or for the better candy that awaits them there. 

The students have many different opinions and reasons for going trick or treating, including the people, the costumes, decorations, and of course the candy. Senior Wister Tewell says Yellowstone Street was the best spot that a kid could get candy in town, and the fact that everyone in town went there gave the bonus of seeing your friends and family while celebrating. 

The allure of the candy is so tempting that even high schoolers will dress up to go knocking on doors and cheerfully saying the time old saying “Trick or Treat” to get a little goodie. “No one is too old for candy,” said sophomore Kaylee Botts.

With how tempting the whole celebration is, it is often a big question for young adults aging out of childhood and taking on more “grown up” roles, when is too old to go trick or treating? 

Freshman Rell Sienkiewicz says she has been trick or treating on Yellowstone Street for years and thinks there is nothing wrong with dressing up and doing so until you graduate from high school. Last year she and her friends had dressed up as the Ghostbusters and their ghosts, and this year they plan to dress up as horror movie icons.

While some may believe that there is an age limit, the majority of people will say that one is never too old for candy. All that matters is that they choose to go out and celebrate the holiday, and if celebrating in Livingston sounds good, Yellowstone Street is the best spot to go.

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