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Cody Johnson’s New Single “The Painter”

Country star Cody Johnson came out with a new single on August 11 called “The Painter.” When this song came out, people all over the country were playing and listening to it. Currently, this single has over 14 million plays on Spotify and still is a favorite today, along with all his other songs he has produced. The instrumentals in this song sound so good, with Cody Johnson playing the guitar, and the violin and drums are played by his band members. The tune is very catchy and Cody Johnson’s vocals are clear and strong.

“The Painter” itself is talking about his wife, how she completes his life and she is always there for him. She is helping him paint his life and he thanks God for making his wife. Other great songs he created that compare to this single are “With You I Am” and “Dance Her Home.” These songs are really similar because they have similar emotions.

The songs Johnson produces are country and he is wanting to produce music that is still following the country genre. He has five albums total with many songs on each of them. “The Painter” is on his “Cody Johnson: The Complete Collection” album as well as the “Work Boots and More from Leather” album. He has five scheduled tour dates during the month of October.

Before Cody Johnson really got into music, he competed in rodeos as a bull rider. Born in a small town in East Texas, he was raised in a musical family, learning guitar at the age of 12, playing in high school bands, then into bull riding. Over the years, he has become more popular as a country singer.

Other artists that he reminds me of are George Strait, Aaron Watson, and Casey Donahew, because they all play similar songs and instruments, and their voices have similar sounds that really get into the emotions of the song. I truly enjoy listening to Cody Johnson and hearing the music he writes and sings.


The Painter-

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