Gannon retiring after a illustrious career.


With the current school year coming to an end, some of our beloved teachers are taking the leap into retirement. One of these is math teacher John Gannon. After his time teaching comes to a close, he plans on visiting his two sons often. “With them living far away or even out of the country it is hard for me to take just that weekend off school to visit he said plan on spending time with my children and not have to worry about rushing back for school on Monday.” Gannon. Said.

For freshmen, one of the first teachers they have in high school is Gannon. When coming into high school it is important for incoming freshmen to have an understanding and relatable teacher like Gannon. Freshmen Peter Currie had this to say about Gannon. “My first impression of Gannon was that he was a funny and caring individual.”

When asked about his plans for future involvement in the school, Gannon said, “I’ve talked to Par about running the clock and things like that for basketball. It’s been a few years, but I think that would be fun to do to stay involved in the activities at Park High.”

Over the course of his teaching career, Gannon has learned, “We don’t all come from the same background. Not everyone has a sunshine and rainbows home life, not everyone has a meal to eat when they get home every night. You must be considerate and understanding to people because we all don’t come from the same background.

” The things that he will miss the most about teaching at PHS are teasing students on a daily basis, making them laugh and enjoying himself in the classroom. During his time at Park High it is sad to see him leave as he will be missed by staff and students, but he now gets to write a new chapter in his life.