Helping Hand

         As a requirement to graduate high school you have to have a certain amount of service hours. For the 2023 graduating class, they were only required to get 25 total hours because of the effect of COVID. Elise Wadle was selected to be honored for community service hours due to the variety of her work. She has volunteered at many different places throughout town such as the Livingston Depot, Shane Center, Food Resource Center, concessions and the middle school helping out with Cougar days.

         Her favorite place that she has assisted at was the Livingston depot museum. There she spent her summer checking in the guests and telling them about the history of the building.

         She started getting her hours the summer after freshman year and is still continuing to get them as a senior even though she has double the required amount.

 Her biggest motive for getting all of these hours was not just because she needed them for school but because she also wanted to do something that felt meaningful. “I wanted to give back to the community and this seemed like the best way to do that” she said.

         The best advice that she can give to the underclassman about getting their service hours done is to start as soon as you can because high school goes by fast especially if you are already busy. The hardest part is making the time and putting in the effort to get them done. “Help out at places you think you will enjoy being at or places you may want a future job at,” she said. Getting your service hours is simple and can even be fun if you are helping at a place you enjoy.