Science All-Star

Matthew Marlowe accepts an award from science teacher Julie Lentz at the annual Awards Night.

Matthew Marlowe is known for his technical skills in the science field. It comes as no surprise that Marlowe was chosen by the science department as an outstanding science student in the senior class. Marlowe has loved every science class he has taken at Park High School even APES which is an online class through Montana Digital Academy.
Of all these classes, his favorite was AP Biology. “There were only three other people in my AP Bio class so all of us got really close. It was a difficult class, but it was also a ton of fun.” One of Marlowe’s favorite memories also comes from this AP class. He reminisced about studying for the AP exam and coming in on the weekends with his fellow classmates and Mr. Mogen. “Mogen brought us snacks and we studied for hours on the weekends to get ready for the exam. It was clear that he (Mogen) really cared about how we did.”
After he graduates, Marlowe is going to attend Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. While in college, he plans to involve science in his education in various ways. “I would love to pursue biology and other science related fields,” states Marlowe.
In speaking with the Park High science teachers, it is clear that they think very highly of Marlowe as a student and are proud of his science accomplishments. “He exemplifies a good student,” says Marlowe’s physics teacher, Jessica Leonard.