Ranger alumni finds his place at Syracuse

From the mountain ranges of Montana to the bright lights of New York city, Buddy Murphy describes his time since becoming a Park High school Alumni. Murphy is attending Syracuse University in New York, graduating with a degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies, and minoring in Music Industry. I asked Murphy what stood out about Syracuse and why he wanted to continue his education there, he said “Originally, I planned to attend college for Journalism, I’m not doing that anymore, but when I was applying it showed that Syracuse was the top school for Journalism.” 

 Murphy also described how though he was not admitted into the journalism program, still attended the University for communications and has loved it. He also looked into Broadcast Journalism, but ultimately decided against it because he did not feel any connections with the current students within the program. In his first year Murphy was in a room with three other roommates, one of which who was studying in the music industry department, “I love music, and he told me to check it out so that’s how I ended up in that program as well.” 

When I asked Buddy about why he wanted to pursue attending college after high school, and maybe what events led him to that. He replied with “I took a lot of extra curricular’s in high school, I always enjoyed Lende’s classes and especially the journalism class. I think I’ve always wanted to attend college and my parents wanted me to, I also wanted to get out of Montana and experience new things.” 

Buddy spoke about how he just wanted to have fun, and that’s what he’s doing. He loves the life he has created in New York and everything he has gotten to experience. Reminiscing on the old experiences however, I asked Buddy about his time at Park High and what memories he recalled, he said “The basketball games my senior year where a ton of fun, it was a good year for the team and getting to watch them with my friends and other students was awesome. Participating in Mr. PHS was also a blast, you’ll have to watch the interview Beitel gave to me.” 

I asked Park High teacher Bryan Beitel about his time with Buddy, he said “Buddy is such a cool kid, always very social and kind spirited.” I got this answer from a lot of faculties that were a part of Buddy’s time here at aPark High, saying he always had the brightest smile and personality.  

Finally, I asked Buddy what he would like to say to graduating seniors this year, he said “don’t be afraid to ask questions, there are no dumb questions and full send.”