“Band Geeks” Takes the stage this Spring

In a recent production of Band Geeks, we followed a group of students as they prepared for a performance, just like the play. There are many themes of perseverance, being yourself and hard work. When asked about his opinion on what was the best part of the play, Curtis Denniston had this to say. “It’s really important to push through the hard work to get to the reward, in this case a well written and amazingly acted play.” Denniston played Elliot in Band Geeks, one of the main protagonists of the story. He is a hard-working character and perseveres through bullying and harassment.

The production shows the amount of hard work each cast member has put into their role. Everyone has a clear passion for plays, and when asked about the experience of the play, Madison Wetzel shared this, “This cast was really small to other casts I worked on before, so we really had to work together.” Wetzel played the principal, Mrs. Dixon, a “caffeine addict” as Wetzel states. “People should just come in and audition because enough people are not joining the plays. The Shane Center makes the production very enjoyable from the amount of support they give. And if you don’t want to participate in the play itself, you can help backstage.” Wetzel says when asked if there is anything the average student at PHS should know about these productions.

The plays have after school practice, which can be hard for some people, but Denniston had this to say about them. “They can be tiring, but they are also really fun because you get to work on the play with your friends.” This last weekend was the last weekend that the play aired. But, if you missed it, you can always support out PHS actors by watching next years production.