Why I don’t care about trends.

You may enjoy trends, but I personally can’t jump on the bandwagon. Seriously how could
someone look at a pair of crocks and say, “wow, some foam, with holes in it”. “Now that’s quality if I’ve
ever seen it”. As you can tell, I’m very biased against crocks. Especially when people put those stupid
“charms” on them.
I dislike trends for many reasons, starting with that I simply don’t care. Trends are normally
dumb and cringe after a few days. This is why I think guys are generally not as involved in trends. They
have better things to do than sit around and learn about the newest trend. I was talking to a friend and
here’s what he had to say, “I care more about originality and individuality, compared to people copying
and pasting each other like a flock of sheep”. This instigates the number one reason I don’t like trends.
When people follow trends, they lose all their originality in character, style and their perception of the
world. To make things ever worse our trends come from annoying social media like Tik-Tok.
Even though I don’t like trendy things, I can understand why people enjoy them. There is some
satisfaction in being involved with a lot of people with common interests. I just don’t care enough to be
involved, nor do I like many trends, but not all trends are terrible. I didn’t mind the Nike blazer trend
because the shoes were cool and better than the previous white-air-forces trend.
To sum things up, I think people should invest less of their time into stupid trends that they find
on social media and use it on something productive. Imagine what you could do with that time and
money! (don’t forget a pair of Lululemon sweats cost $120).
Don’t base your life on trends. Base your life on your personal decisions.