Mrs. Lane reflects on her past, and what’s next

With summer break arriving in June, there are a couple of honorable teachers that will be retiring. One of those teachers being Joey Lane, She will be retiring at the end of this school year. 

When Lane was asked about how she feels about teaching and her students she had this to say. “I usually have fun with kids and I like to see them exceed their own expectations.” Lane having this look on her students is very thoughtful and even the students have good things to say about her. 

Rylan Beye, senior, says that “Mrs. Lane’s passion for her subjects makes learning from her easy.” Most students will have had Lane’s classes at some point and time in their high school career. 

Lane will still be involved with the school after her retirement to be the park high volleyball coach. Lane said that she loves to coach volleyball and since she “doesn’t have the stress of teaching” she will focus more on the sport and her family’s ranching business. 

She will begin coaching next volleyball season and will hopefully lead the team to state. “At this point in my life, I am really looking forward to having that freedom to spend time with my family and those close to me”, Lane responded when asked if she wished she could teach longer. 

Lane has a lot of retirement plans besides coaching and they mostly include being around her family and excelling her ranching business to success. Lane will miss everything but the Sunday grading. 

      Lane’s impact on Park High will resonate with students and staff, her teaching has helped many kids that desire to learn history and have a basic knowledge of economics. Having her leave is bittersweet news but she won’t be far and she will be trying to lead our volleyball team to a state championship.