what park high juniors wish to change


in my opinion vay obrien

As students progress through their academic journey, they often come to realize that there are certain aspects of their school that could be improved. This is particularly true for juniors who are approaching the end of their high school experience and have a vested interest in creating a better environment for themselves and their peers.

Last month, William Tyner, our class president, had an all juniors meeting to find out what we, the juniors and students of Park High, wish to change at our school. Many topics arose such as Ala carte, the reopening of pods, and many of the bathroom renovations. The atmosphere of the meeting was light, casual, and fun. The front row boys, especially Houston Dunn, empathized the humor of it all with his bodily interruption, aka, passing wind. While it was lighthearted, there were serious suggestions voiced about the changes our peers and I made in the meeting.

When it came to bathroom renovations, boys and girls had many suggestions. For the girls, Junior Pavani Mitchum said “We need plastic applicator tampons in the girl’s bathroom.”. Ericka Haines brought up the problem of a sewage gas smell in the girl’s locker room; I voiced Aswell, “There are two bathroom stalls in the girl’s bathroom that don’t lock properly, and people can just walk in”,. For the boy’s bathroom suggestions Tyner brought up getting urinal dividers, and Silas Hjortsberg asked for “paper towel dispensers in bathrooms”. I also recommended renovation in the art wing. “In the art wing, the speakers for announcements can’t hear it at all, like Mrs. Mussetter has to get on a chair and try and listen to it, so it would be dope if we could fix that.”

Students also brought up suggestions for school spirit, Tyner said “I want to increase student and school pride above and beyond the way it is right now.” Tyner wished to use the idea of bleacher creatures and rewarding student engagement to up school spirit. Junior Veronica Glenn also brought up that we should redo the mascot, and Charlie Bullard asked to start doing senior paint parking spots. Junior Josie Vermillion suggested “expanding the student section at girl soccer games because there are like 3 people.”,.  Even Junior Houston Dunn stated, “I think we need a chess club.”

Food was another topic on many students’ minds. Tyner stated, “Eating in the pods, we have been talking to make it a seniority thing so only seniors and juniors have that privilege. “. Adain Higgins asked that Ala carte be brought back, which could happen by using student volunteers. Glenn asked for “automatic lunch bunch for seniors”

So why are these changes so important? For one thing, students spend a significant portion of their lives in school. During these years, they should have an environment that is helpful to learning, growth, and personal development. It’s important that students feel comfortable and safe in their school and that they have access to the resources they need to succeed.