Speech and Drama continues to build winning program


       Speech, Drama and Debate is one of the least known activities at Park High School but has been one of the most successful and fastest growing programs. Along with this, the community plays a significant role in the success of this program. In previous years, there have been as little as five members and this year there are 30. As the team grows, participants are set to a higher bar due to the performance of previous members. This year, the team did very well, with 17 individuals placing in the top eight at state. 

       This program is new, therefore, many are unaware that this program exists or how to get involved. Donating money, providing food for tournaments and judging are ways community members can show support for the team. Keaton Ramm, Speech Coach, also likes to let students perform their pieces in front of her classes to inform the student body of what it looks like to be on the team.  

       Speech, Drama and Debate is emotionally and academically challenging, but is immensely beneficial. According to Vicki Gaskparakis, 1st Place State Champion of Memorized Public Address, “It improves your speech presence, exercises your voice and stature and overall provides only benefits.”  

       The skills that members learn are useful in any career. According to Ramm, “There is no way to complete an entire season and not walk away with more confidence, more effective public communication skills, the ability to handle constructive criticism and the ability to overcome adversity.” 

       Ramm works hard to improve and coordinate many aspects of this program. She spends her time researching to learn more about each event, she helps coordinate the tournaments, she registers competitors and more. If you want to learn more about Speech, Drama and Debate contact her with questions.