Community support contributes to success of activities

Imagine you are in the heat of a basketball game. Down two points with seconds to spare, you drill a three-point shot to send your team to victory. The crowd roars, the students section erupts, and your teammates surround you, filled with joy. For days to come the joy continues, within newspapers, and buzz around town drawing onlookers to come and watch these exciting games.
Within Park High School it is important to realize that the goal of these extracurricular programs is to be successful as well as teach valuable lessons. However, the success of these programs is not only dependent on the players and coaches, but the student and community backing plays a significant role. Therefore, it is very important within our Ranger culture to support these extracurricular programs, boosting morale and bringing exciting environment for younger generations to come.
A prominent club within Park High is the Booster Club, which donates funding to these programs, as well as many other things done behind the scenes. The Boosters help these activities through promotion as well as providing incentives to encourage those who wish to participate. Without our high school Boosters, it would be difficult to make this possible.
Leader of Park High activities since 2019, Nate Parseghian promotes incentives to encourage those within the community and students to participate in these activities. With all of Parseghian’s accomplishments, he was awarded the 2023 Class A Athletic Director of the year.
Park High’s yearly Ranger Rush event sponsored by the Boosters club just took place on February 9 during basketball senior night. At this event, matching Park High T-shirts are distributed to students as well as members of the community who attend the basketball game. This is a special and unique way to show student support and spread school spirit.
Overall, Parseghian added that the goal of Park High’s activities is to be successful. It will not only encourage students to become involved within the success of our programs, but bring fans in to watch these players succeed. Our programs’ success can be seen within our state championship cross-country team, state finalist boys soccer team, state champion Vicki Gasparakis in memorized public address, and lastly state champion Danyk Jacobsen in wrestling. Other Park High activities have seen several successes and only plan to get better in the years to come. In the near future, Park High looks to further increase school spirit and support.