Carnival in December

Juniors Pavani Mitchum and Kiris Hoglund hit the scene presenting their carnival stand at Market Day, December 2nd. Going along with their theme they will be selling staple carnival treats, popcorn and cotton candy. According to an interview with Kiris and Pavani they were able to rent out the proper equipment from close contacts to make their goods for the stand. In a separate interview Pavani remarks on how she has “Gotten a better understanding on starting her own business”, during the process they learned many new skills to help them bring traffic to their stand. They learned about promoting and how to create incentives. One idea they came up with was to create deals to drive sales. A deal they came up with was buying one of each product with the reward of a free bracelet. Each profited

$55 taking in account the $85 market expenses for supplies and their equipment. Cotton candy ended up being their best seller over popcorn, however they had numerous customers return for popcorn. With success comes struggle, and the duo’s biggest difficulty was with the cotton candy. They overstocked anticipating more sales and “…it took around three minutes to actually make it…’’ Pavani states in an interview. Pavani and Kiris’s favorite moment was making cotton candy for customers and friends.