Beitel sets expectations high for 2022 season


Rylan Beye, Sports Writer

Sophomore Tennis player Baylor Beitel, with two others, went to the state tennis tournament last year, and this season is no different. As a singles competitor, he hopes to not only achieve that this year, but also help and mentor his teammates to get to that point as well.

He said that his parents always wanted him to do sports, but there is another influence in his sports life. “Jon Sarisky was a good player last year and I want to be as good as he was. Not just skillfully, but a teammate.” Said Beitel.

He is driven by, like many, his dislike of losing. Not only that, he knows the best he can be and wants to push himself to be that player. “I always want to be a guy that someone can look up to skill wise, but also as a mentor like Jon was to be last year.”

It’s obvious that Baylor isn’t only interested in his personal achievements, but his team as well. No matter who he is helping, or facing, Baylor will be giving it his all on the court.