Sophomore looks to capitalize on competition


Rylan Beye, Sports Writer

Sophomore Addyson Norquist’s goals for herself this season are simple: hit a dinger, but first, hit an inside pitch. Nothing makes Addyson’s blood boil more than the thought of an inside pitch. As for the team, her aspirations are high.

“I want us to win a divisional championship, make at least top four at state, and obviously, win the State Championship.” Said Addyson. Her intentions may not be pure, however. “If we make the State Championship, Coach Higgs has to wear yellow sequined pants to the game,” said Norquist.

Addyson’s biggest influences start with her parents, who motivate her to be her best. Her first travel softball coach Sean, who taught her most of her skills. And finally, Coach Higgs, who not only has refined those skills, but makes the game fun. “It’s not like the other sports I play,” she said, “I am always excited to be at practice.”

Addyson credits her competitive spirit to the petty opponents she faces, who have a huge ego. Those who act as they are better than everyone, and make sure that everyone knows it. She quoted multiple times when she had faced an opponent who had a high opinion of themselves.

Whether or not she has a big-headed opponent, look out for Addyson giving her all on the Diamond this season.