Optimistic tennis team “grows together”


Rylan Beye, Sports Writer

As the weather gets warmer, the snow from the winter season melts off of the tennis courts by Sacagawea Park. The Park High tennis team begins their season, with many student athletes hoping to have personal, and school best finishes. But for some, it’s more than what they do on the court.

“Everybody is always there for each other and we can be always have a good laugh, but also be serious.” Said senior Debbie Chambers. “We are a family more than a team.” But teammates aren’t senior Bobby Durgan’s biggest concern. “I like playing singles because you get to serve harder, and don’t have to work with someone else.” Durgan said.

On the contrary, sophomore Baylor Beitel’s favorite part is not only his growth, but the team’s as well. “When you grow, the team grows together.” Baylor said. Competition and mental toughness is very important to succeeding in the sport, but the reward lies elsewhere for Chambers. “The challenge of going out on the court to overcome obstacles that you can’t see until they happen are my favorite part of tennis.”

For the newcomers, it’s about the interaction. “Being around my cousin and brother while playing tennis is my favorite part of tennis.” Explained freshman Logan Jergenson. Don’t let that fool you, as Logan still aspires to qualifying and making it to State. Although the journey may be different, the whole team have their eyes on the prize.