Park athletes balance time on and off the field


Courtesy of Simon Bishop

Senior Simon Bishop is waxing skis to get ready for the busy season, while working at Dan Bailey’s.

Wilson Saile, Geyser Writer

Balancing the time for work and sports can be exceedingly difficult for people. Nate Parseghian, the athletic director at Park High, says that “When in season, it is very difficult to balance your time. You only have so many hours in a day and when you are in school for eight hours and then in your sport for three hours. That is 11 hours right there and then you need time for yourself and to spend with your family.”
There are just not enough hours in a day to balance all of them, but Mr. Par does say that when you are not in season, a job is important. “It helps kids understand how to balance their time and helps build time management skills.” Parseghian says.
Two students from Park High school know just the way to get both activities done. Junior Mikayia Wood is the goalkeeper for the girls soccer team. “When I’m not on the field playing, I’m in Murdoch’s working” , she says. With games on the weekdays and practices after school, she spends her time working one to two days a week.
So, one of the questions was how do you keep up with all your homework, sports events and practices with a part-time job? She said, “All I do is make sure I have no missing or late assignments and when a new assignment is made, I get it done on time.”
Another student is senior Simon Bishop. He plays for the boys’ soccer team and works for Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company. One question was, how does he balance the two? He said, “I just am on top of all my assignments and get them all done on time. So, that when my free times come around, I can go in and help work or just take a break and rest up from all of the activities that are going on.”
These two students have found the way to balance their time and energy with all of the activities that they have to get accomplished throughout the week. This skill may take a long time to mastered but when you do figure it out it is very helpful in your everyday life for everyday activities.